Welcome to Access-i

Welcome to Access-i

About Access-i

The NPO Access-i has the mission of promoting information on the accessibility of goods and services to the persons with special needs

On this site, you will find reliable and objective information regarding the accessibility level of buildings, sites and events.

An Access-i contains 7 boxes each representing a category of persons with special needs. The accessibility level of a space open to the public is determined for each of these categories.

When the colour of the box is:

More detailed information (car park, entrance, circulation, signage, etc.) for each category is also available.

For each description sheet (of a building or an event), a special tab for each of the categories specifies this information in the form of strong and weak focal points.


Created in April 2010, the NPO comprises 13 member associations:

Since 2004, Access-i is a member of ENAT (European Network for Accessible Tourism), the European network for accessible tourism (NPO): www.accessibletourism.org