Welcome to Access-i

Welcome to Access-i

Obtain an Access-i

Throughout the certification process, you will be accompanied by our team and by an auditor of your choice.

Your certification will extend over six stages.

1. First contact

You contact us to let us know of your interest, either by email to info@access-i.be or via the form available on the website  www.access-i.be/inscription1.php .

2. Establishing of an estimate of intervention

To better document your request, Access-i will contact the reference person in order to gather a maximum of information relating to your infrastructure: description, plans, surface area, eventually pictures, etc.


We work together with accessibility professionals approved by us and which have the task of:


3. Confirmation of your intent and selection of the auditor
After you receive and examine the estimates, we ask that you confirm your choice with the selected auditor.

4. Execution of the audit phase


5. Audit of the building

The auditor goes to the location in order to audit your building, taking into account the needs of each of the 7 categories of audiences with special needs. He takes measurements, pictures and meets a responsible person from the building management and/or public reception. This audit allows him to complete an analysis grid.

6. Drafting of the audit report

Based on our analysis grid and the information gathered on site, the auditor writes the report of your infrastructure.

7. Presenting the report to the procurement committee

Your auditor then presents your file and his analysis results to a procurement committee. Each file is thus analysed by the members of the committee. This makes it possible to guarantee consistency and objectivity in their processing. The committee will then validate a visual Access-i for your building: a complete visual with the 7 pictograms and 3 levels (green, orange, white).

8. Transmission of the results 

After the procurement committee's meeting, your auditor will contact you to inform you of the results achieved.

In light of these results, you will make the decision to:

9. Publication of your certification

Your building's description sheet is placed online on the website of Access-i.


10. Billing

In accordance with the service contract, the billing of the certification procedure occurs when:


11. Renewal

Six months before the end of your certification period (3 years), we will contact you again in order to evaluate your certification period and to consider its renewal.


For events, the procedure is similar, please contact us for the precise terms.

General contact informations of the building / site / event
Coordinates of the person in charge of th request